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This fall Freelance held a celebratory evening, thanks to the generosity of a board member, honoring former Freelancers Jennifer Flackett and Carrie Aizley for their work in the arts.  Board members, alums, and current and former parents and staff, spoke about the importance of the Freelance experience in their lives and the friendships that endure.

"It is a lifesaving activity for young people."

"It is the most humane place in the world to be a kid."

"Freelance got me through tough times growing up."

These were common themes as parents talked about their shy children, some of whom had problems at school who had found their voices and their self-esteem at Freelance.


A Freelance Parent Shares Her Experience - Spring 2010

I just wanted to thank you for directing such a wonderful program. Our daughter really loves being in the troupe, and always comes home from rehearsals saying how much fun she had.

I really wanted to sign our daughter up for a theater group for the non-school social experience, besides the theatrical experience. Ever since she started 4th grade, there have been some clique-y/mean girly issues in her class, and although it's nothing serious, I thought it would be a good idea to have her do some kind of activity outside of school, with kids who don't go to her school, where they work on something and create something together.

A friend of mine (who's daughter is part of the Needham troupe) recommended Freelance Players, and I am so glad we tried it! It's exactly what I was looking for: I really see how you foster such a great community feeling among the kids, how you make sure they get to know each other and interact and help each other.

I can tell you see it as much more than putting on a great show -- you see how important it is for the kids to feel good about themselves and within the group. I so appreciate this, and it's so good for our daughter.

She loves working with you and the other directors, has made some good friends, and said that the older kids don't treat the younger ones like babies, but rather, they talk to them and teach them things. Thanks so much for all you do.