Publishers of original musical theater for young people since 1979.

The musicals published by The Freelance Press are designed for music and theater educators who are seeking age-appropriate material for their students.

Our plays and scores are developed by a national network of arts programs and children's theaters. Playwrights and composers, working directly with young actors and singers, have created shows to match the voices, interests and sensibilities of young people, ages eight to eighteen.

All Freelance Press plays have been tested in successful productions with children of many ages. The plays have large casts, allowing an entire class or theatre company to participate in productions. In all of our plays, casting of male/female parts is flexible, according to the director's needs.

Whether adaptations of classics or original works that address contemporary themes, Freelance Press plays have excited and entertained audiences young and old with wit and sophistication. Treat your actors and audiences to an original play from The Freelance Press!

Royalty fees are listed with each play:

  • $50/$35 means $50 for the first performance 35 for each additional performance