Nuturing Artistic Excellence   Building Self-Esteem   Teaching Life-Long Skills   Encouraging Friendships

Drama! Music! Dancing! Welcome to the world of the Freelance Players, a nonprofit theater organization for young people in Greater Boston. For more than 40 years, we have developed artistic and valuable life skills in children through our theater programs. Thousands of young people have participated. Here's our brochure! 

Our daughter loves being part of Freelance! She admires you and loves learning from you. I am so appreciative that you have created this amazing environment where the girls and the boys support each other and they feel connected to one another. Our daughter’s experience with Freelance exceeded my expectations.
— Current Freelance Parent
I learned so much about the work, commitment, and collaboration necessary to create real theater. I also found a community that appreciated me, exactly as I was.
— Linda Clemon-Karp, alum
I wish I could do it again! What an amazing program for kids!
— Emily Siagel Jabbawy, alum
  • The Needham, JP, and Driscoll Troupes are currently only accepting registration for RETURNING STUDENTS.
  • The Annual Freelance Family Party will be held on Saturday, January 28.
  • To join a Freelance Troupe call Executive Director Kippy Dewey at 617-274-6065.