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Social Emotional Learning Resources

Rehearsal for Life’s mission to strengthen young people’s social and emotional skills for every stage in life through dialogue, creativity and performance is informed by the framework devised by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). CASEL defines 5 primary Social Emotional Learning competencies that support a student’s overall Social and Emotional wellness:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Self-Management
  3. Social Awareness
  4. Relationship Skills
  5. Responsible Decision Making

To learn more about the CASEL competencies and framework, visit

Why is Social Emotional Learning important? Learn more in these resources below:

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Video Resources

In the spring of 2020, the Urban Improv Ensemble created a set of video curriculum modules to support their partner teachers and students during distance learning due to the COVID-19 shutdown.  Following the Urban Improv method, each video package features an original song and/or scene, along with prompt questions for educators to guide students into deeper thinking and discussion about the topic of the video. 

Open the Door
(Appropriate for all ages)

Welcome to Urban Improv with our theme song! Our model uses music, theater and, most importantly, imagination to find creative solutions to real-life problems.

  • Runtime: 1m45s
  • SEL focus: self-awareness, self-management

Boys Club, Girls Club
(Best for elementary grade levels)

Featuring the song “Fly,” this video takes you to the playground. When an argument breaks out, a student is asked to choose between “The Boys Club” and “The Girls Club.” 

  • Runtime: 4m15s
  • Topics: friendship, emotions and gender roles/norms
  • SEL focus: social awareness & social relations

I Probably Shouldn’t
(Best for middle school grade levels)

What happens when our emotions get the better of us? Can you take something off the internet once it’s posted? In this scene, a young person releases an embarrassing video of her friend after they have a falling out. 

  • Runtime: 6m24s
  • Topics: social media use, friendship and cyberbullying
  • SEL focus: self awareness & social relations

Cast List
(Best for high school grade levels)

This video includes the song “Shake the World,” followed by a scene in which characters discuss who can be cast in different roles for the school musical. The video helps viewers explore racial stereotypes and their impact.  

  • Runtime: 8m58s
  • Topics: racism and stereotypes, interpersonal relationships
  • SEL focus: social awareness & social relations