Scripts & Scores | Children’s Original Musicals

The Freelance Players original musicals are appropriate for ages 8-16, can accommodate large or small casts of any ability, are gender and color-conscious, and explore issues relevant to school-age students and their communities. Since 1979, The Freelance Players teaching artists, music directors and directors have been writing and publishing original musical theater shows, available for purchase and licensing by teaching artists and educators everywhere. Themes include climate crisis, gender identity, self-esteem, othering, power dynamics and capitalism. Some of our original Freelance Press musicals include:

“Mything Links”

Script by Sam Abel, Music/lyrics by Narcissa Campion

Cast: 27

Time: 55 minutes

Age: Elementary/Middle School 

The Trojan War is over and Odysseus wants to go home with his crew. Unfortunately, the Fates have other plans in mind. While his wife Penelope waits – not so patiently – at home, our hero bounces around the Aegean, finding adventures that Homer would never recognize. Sisyphus and his band The Rolling Rocks entertain the wandering crew. Atlas sings them the “World on My Shoulders Blues”, the Cyclops warns all to “stay outta my face” and much more. The musical is a playful and entertaining interweaving of many Greek myths – a great teaching tool!

“Buzz On”

Script by David Downing, Music/Lyrics by Tom Megan

Cast: 26

Time: 55 minutes

Age: Elementary/Middle School 

Buzz On is a fun-filled parody of science fiction movies. A comic musical of killer bees “attacking” a small town, BUZZ ON includes an absent-minded mad scientist, a Queen Bee who acts like Mae West, and a script full of puns. The play has been very popular with young people’s theater groups.

“Clam’s Casino”

Script by Priscilla B. Dewey, Music/lyrics by Katrina Campion

Cast: 18

Time: 70 minutes

Age: Elementary/Middle School 

The Waters off Long Island are home to Clam, his Casino, and a lively community of creatures, including brainy Dr. Snail, grumpy Crab, indecisive Jellyfish, the rock legend Star, the beautiful Pearl and her two suitors, Oyster and petulant Moray Eel (with his band of Guppies). But “Somethin’s Fishy” in these waters, as the “above the ocean fish” and their environmental disasters begin to infiltrate Clam’s Casino. A minor deity and her Holy Mackerels intervene but will it be in time? Who will win Pearl’s luminous “hand”? Will the perpetrators of “The Oil Slick Blues” see the error of their ways? Find out in this musical romp through the ever changing waters of “Clam’s Casino.” 


Script by Toby Dewey, Music/Lyrics by Jack Megan

Additional Music and Lyrics by Tom Megan

Cast: 30

Time: 75 minutes

Age: Middle/High School 

The Parker Brothers, intoxicated with the economic success of their newest game, decide to hold a promotional stunt for all the world to see. They offer three young people from different backgrounds the opportunity to circle the Monopoly board and choose a property. Escorted by the Banker the young players meet many people, from the street-wise youths of Baltic Avenue to the socialites of Boardwalk. With a lighthearted spirit and a tuneful score, this play looks at some of the issues surrounding socio-economic difference and the decisions young people face in choosing their goals.

“Mystery at the Hopeless Hotel”

Script by Ned White, Music/lyrics by Narcissa Campion

Cast: 31

Time: 80 minutes

Age: Middle/High School 

Everyone loves a mystery! After failing to solve a major case, ace private detective Jack McKay finds sanctuary with his new identity as a bellhop at the Hopeless Hotel, a seedy place populated by a wild assortment of offbeat characters. When one of the guests is murdered, McKay summons his courage (and all of his six senses, who appear as fantasy characters) to unravel the mystery. Rich in stage action, with a single master set, this energetically paced play explores the value of trusting one’s intuition, and confronting past mistakes.

“Tortoise vs. Hare”

Script, Lyrics and Music by Stephen Murray

Cast: flexible cast size 

Time: 60 minutes

Age: Elementary/Middle School 

This witty musical version of Aesop’s famous fable won the Anna Aornio national children’s playwriting contest. Harry Hare and her gang of “Hare’s angels” terrorize the animals of the forest until Theodore Tortoise challenges her right to rule. It is agreed that the dispute will be settled by the most famous race in children’s literature. Slow-paced Theodore is put through an exercise and nutrition program by his animal pals, while Harry and her Hares plan their cheating tactics. This musical fable with multiple morals has been enjoyed by children and adults in numerous performances and included upbeat music that ranges from rock ‘n roll, to calypso, to jazz.

We are currently revamping our catalog of plays to include our most recent titles. Have questions, want more information about our plays, or want to be the first to know when our new catalog is live? Contact Mary Torpey, Head of Program and Creative Director: Freelance Players.