We’re cutting to the chase, and we need your support to reach our ambitious goal of $600,000 by Friday, May 17, 2024!

It’s a direct donation campaign this year. Please stay home and make a gift by Friday, May 17, 2024! Typically, Rehearsal for Life raises the lion’s share of our funding through Banned in Boston. Rehearsal for Life is staying focused on what we do best: bringing social-emotional learning skills to Boston and Greater Boston youth through our in-classroom and after school improv and theater-based programs. 
We continue to provide our largest program, Urban Improv, at no cost to students. Urban Improv serves 1,400 youth,in 61 classrooms, across 6 partner Boston Public Schools. We provide 25 Boston teens a weekly space for creative expression and empowerment at Youth Unscripted. We have increased access to our after school program Freelance Players offering a sliding scale tuition to over 200 families, creating a pathway for affordable after school theater. 
Your direct donation makes an immediate impact, saving time and resources for both you and us. No need to wait for a special evening; your contribution goes straight to empowering the next generation. This is your chance to be the star of our show!

Sponsorship Levels

$50,000+ Fuel the future by supporting new curriculum design, implementation and evaluation for all school partner programs.

$25,000+ Sponsor a 9-week residency for one classroom of students, providing a life-changing experience. 

$10,000+ Shape the narrative by contributing to the development of one curriculum topic (e.g. racism, cyberbullying, gender identity, peer pressure, violence, mental health and more) or a new social issues-based play.

$5,000+ Empower 25 students explore solutions to violence, racism, peer pressure and bystander issues.

$2,500+ Support up to ten high school students for their participation in our after school teen program, Youth Unscripted.

$1,000+ Sponsor an Assembly that opens dialogues on difficult issues, fostering understanding and unity.

Donate Now!

THANK YOU for staying home and supporting our students!